About Weathertronic

Weathertronic.com was launched in 2009 with one goal in mind. I wanted to produce a forecast that was less cluttered and generally more usable than what I saw available online. One of the major issues with forecasting is there is so much data available that it's easy to get carried away trying to present it all, or alternatively to boil it down to the current temperature and a forecast icon which is slightly less useful than a nearby window. I think there's a middle ground. You won't find a top ten list of foliage drives or parka clad journalists reporting from shore in the middle of a hurricane here, I honestly don't think that's why you're checking the weather in the first place. Weathertronic is dedicated to giving you just the weather you need.

Weather data and radar imagery are provided by the folks at the National Weather Service. State icons used were generated from a GNU distributed svg of the US and can be reused under the same license, they can be found here. This site was also made possible by contributions from across the open source software community including but by no means limited to: